888 Sports Review

888Sport.com is a reputable online bookmaker that is listed on the London Stock Exchange. This live (or “in-play”) betting site has been online since 2008, but the 888 company itself was established in 1997. With a strong reputation and a clean betting interface, 888Sport.com is a quality bookie that I am happy to recommend.


888sport.com home page.

What I Like About Them

Apart from the strong reputation backing it, I like 888Sport.com because it offers a wide variety of live betting options. Both sports events and horse races from around the world are available in the live section. You can visit the website most days and find at least a few in-running matches ready for your action.

The number of wagers for each match is impressive as well. I checked a football match recently and was presented with a wide variety of wagering options. They included win/draw/lose odds, total goals, point spreads, exact score betting, halftime score, time to the first goal, half with the most goals, winning margin, first goal scorer and a variety of prop bets such as “will Ghana have a come from behind victory?”

The odds are fairly competitive depending on which matches you bet on. I have seen better odds at some books and worse odds at others. I think that with the sheer number of live betting options at 888 Sport, it is worthwhile to keep a funded account open. With this many options, there are bound to be profitable opportunities.

What I Don’t Like About Them

There is one major downside to wagering at this site: they have a a reputation for being quick to place limits on smart bettors. If you look like you know what you are doing, you’ll get slapped with reduced limits quickly. Some people have reported being able to sneak through the cracks, but they’re widely known for dropping limits quickly.

888 Sport does have live horse racing streams, but it lacks streaming for other sports. Live streaming is always a huge positive because it gives you the opportunity to watch sports on your TV or mobile device without having to find the event on TV.

Unfortunately, they don’t have live streaming for sports other than horse racing.

If live streaming is a must-have, I recommend you give Bet365 a try.

The betting limits and lack of live streams are the only two major complaints that I have for 888 live betting. Other than those two issues, the site runs a great operation. The bookmaker has a clean reputation and it has a huge option of wagers for sports events of all types.

In-Play Betting Options

The site’s in-play options cover a few events every day. When I checked just recently, there were 26 events live at the moment. The live events are limited mostly to high-profile matches, but they include sports around the world. Football, cricket, tennis and American football are regularly scheduled for live betting at 888.


The live betting section at 888sport.com.

If you’re willing to venture outside of in-play wagering, you’ll find a long list of sports that are covered for regular (pre-match) wagers. Even some lesser-known sports such as Gaelic games and darts are covered with a variety of options. Each sports event comes with a long list of wagers that range from regular win/lose bets to exotic proposition wagers.

They also offer wagers on non-sports events such as politics, television specials, special awards and music events. These events do not come with live wagers, but they do add a nice bit of variety that you won’t find at many other online bookmakers.

All in all, I must say that I am impressed with their selection of bets.

Final Thoughts

Overall, 888 Sport does a good job by offering a wide variety and enough in-running events to keep you satisfied. With the big variety of in-play bets and potential for profitable lines, it’s worth keeping an account open at 888 Sport. And unlike some sportsbooks that we have investigated in the past, you won’t ever have to worry about getting paid promptly.

The one issue in which you might have problems with this site is their reputation for quickly limiting profitable sports bettors. They have a huge marketing team and loves signing up gambling newbies. You might be able to get away with placing a few big bets, but the odds are good that you will eventually be limited if you show any skill.